Fuel for Life

Eesti nafta


Creative documentary
by Liina Särkinen
28 min / 2020

Margit has left her life, career and apartment in a big city and moved to a small island Hiiumaa to grow nettle. She believes there's a power in this plant that we don’t know how to fully use yet. Having researched the nettle and its qualities in various laboratories, she is sure that it’s possible to put Estonia on the world map with the plant that many consider to be just useless weed. But are only faith and enthusiasm enough to break through as an entrepreneur?

Margit’s daughter Nele, a well known youtuber, will try to help out. So in addition to highs and lows of the new start-up, we’ll be taken along to the journey of a relationship between mother and a daughter.

Watch the film from Estonian Television's webportal.