Creative documentary
by Heilika Pikkov, Sandra Van Slooten, Volker Maria Engel
57 min / 2010

Slices of everyday life in Ruhnu, Bayrischzell, Tallinn and Schwerin.

Vitali, a loner, laughs at putrid capitalists, but is a proud owner of two Mercedes cars on the little island of Ruhnu where the longest road is 3 km. Farmer Gabi lives in the middle of the Bavarian mountains, complains about the strict German bureaucracy and is not willing to accept that the time of traditional small farms is over. A retired teacher Christoph from East-German Schwerin has a lot of trouble fighting against the last Lenin monument in the Western world. And political activist Maire from Tallinn still feels threatened by neighbouring Russia, demanding that the Communist criminals should finally be punished.

A film about the gap and the proximity between Estonian and German normality in the present day.