Beware, Silmviburlane has a website now!

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Dear friends, colleagues and most beloved random guests! 

We are more than happy to present you our brand new website. It was quite a challenge to put it together as we are both linked with very different creative and organisational activities in the Estonian film scene.

We founded our own production company a few years ago, because we had film projects coming up, where we felt that we wanted to be independent in every sense when making those films. In parallel we have continued cooperating with other Estonian film production companies. 

On that website we are focusing on films, which have been produced under the label of Silmviburlane. These are mainly documentaries. Once in a while we have also helped out some of our friends to realise their short animations. However, the distribution of those films lie in the hands of the directors.

Our blog will be the most active part of the website. Do not hesitate to check it back again and again!

And last, but not least. We would like to praise Oliver Oberg from 2ood, the designer and creative mind behind making this website from scratch.