A Letter from Ruhnu TV audience reached 255 000 viewers!

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Estonian TV statistics, which is published in the Estonian Film Foundation's newsletter, shows that our documentary A Letter from Ruhnu has got 33 000 additional viewers in 2011. Together with the last year's screenings on the national television channels ETV and ETV2 the total number of TV audience for A Letter from Ruhnu is now 255 000 viewers!

It means that basically every 5th person in Estonia has seen our film ;)

Already the TV premiere of A Letter from Ruhnu in Februray 2010 was a big surprise - the half an hour documentary received extraordinary audience raiting 11,6 (which means about 167 000 viewers). Throughout the whole year in 2010 only 3 Estonian brand new feature films received a higher raiting. 

A Letter from Ruhnu was produced by Silmviburlane in the frame of Estonian Stories series in 2010, commissioned and supported by Estonian Television, Estonian Film Foundation and Cultural Endowment.