Ülo Pikkov in the jury of Tampere Short Film Festival

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One half of the Silmviburlane will spend the coming week in the jury of Tampere 42nd International Short Film Festival, which takes place on March 7-11, 2012 in Finland. The festival promises again great experiences: the best short films in the world, unequalled screenings, interesting guests and riotous parties.

Ülo will have a chance to share the jury table with Saara Cantell (Finland), Michael Glawogger (Austria), Ramyata Limbu (Nepal) and Simon Young (UK).

In addition to inviting an Estonian jury member Tampere Film Festival celebrates the 100-year-old Estonian cinema by five screenings. You can find Ülo's latest animation Body Memory (Nukufilm, 2011) from the programme Estonia 4: New Short Films 2.

Another good news is that the Animation Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts has been selected among 4 film schools to take part in the festival's Film Student Network. There will be a bunch of young Estonian animators presenting their work.